Download Alight Motion Old Version

Are you tired of the latest version of Alight Motion’s frequent crashes??? Lagging of video or any other issue?

Then download Alight Motion Old Version from here down below, it offers great features that will take your video editing skills to the next level with full stability, tested reliability, and older devices’ compatibility.

Alight Motion Old Version Advantages

You can install older versions on lower RAM devices to get the full advantage of this amazing video editing app.

The older version requires fewer system resources to run smoothly, thus reducing the device’s battery usage, and performance is enhanced.

If you switch from the new version to the old version, the old downloaded app still provides an extensive library of effects such as filters, overlays, and transitions that can add a touch of flair to your videos.

These cannot be as much as in the new version, but they are enough that cater to your video editing needs.

These annoying watermarks are a real headache in the videos, edited with the free version of the Alight Motion.

With our old modded apk version, you can enjoy all the features of Alight Motion Mod APK without any limitations or watermarks spoiling your masterpiece.

The watermark overlay on the video is eliminated in all the old versions.

So why wait? Download and install suitable Old Version(s) of Alight Motion Mod APK from our library now and get started on a journey towards creating breathtaking videos without any distractions.

Download Alight Motion Old Version 5.0 Variations

Alight Motion 5.0 series is the fresh series of this amazing app. You can download the latest version of Aligh Motion APK from our site. Its older variations are available for download below.

Download Alight Motion Old Version 4.0 Variations

This series of version 4 was the most popular series of Alight motion since its launching in August 2018.

With time, many improvements have been seen during various updates, but some old Android mobile phones do not support the latest versions due to their low memory RAM.
For that reason, we did the job for you and made a library of the older versions so that you can get your desired version in once.
Feel free to ask for a mod version, which is not listed here, and our team will come up with that required edition, tested by our experts, and guaranteed virus-free.

As the older series than edition 4 of the AlightMotion was very basic, laggy, and is now not in use from a long time, for that reason, we did not listed it here.
But we can arrange any mod version for you, just contact us and mention your requirements.
Thank you so much for giving Alight Moton APK Pro a chance to visit.

We know very well the requirement for an authentic source, to learn the use of this amazing app. For that reason, we are providing the official YouTube Channel Link of the Aligh Motion App for our valued visitors.

We have our own YouTube Channel too, where we frequently release video tutorials from time to time. But for a newbie, the official channel has enough resources, to start their video editing career.