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How To Use Alight Motion App [Begginers Guide] 2024

In the era of social sharing, everyone wants to share best-edited videos with their loved ones. But what if you are a newbie to video editing? And looking for a tutorial on how to use Alight Motion app for beginners.

No worries folks, we heard you and came up with the easiest editing tutorial on Alight Motion app. Read and explore the complete guide below. We will teach you step by step with our super-customized illustrative infographics. 

You can get the highest quality features for your mobile device’s recorded videos with Alight Motion Video and Animation editing app, one of the first professional motion graphics apps, initially launched on 5th August 2018.

The primary focus of the Alight Motion App is creating motion graphics, animations over images and videos in professional style & quality, creating visual effects, composing videos, the addition of visually appealing fonts over the videos, and HD quality video export. A wide range of media formats import to the project and exported upon completion is available to the premium users.

With our beginner’s friendly guide, it is not that difficult now for our visitors to use the ability to draw freehand or use a predefined set of vector formats, just one of the many features offered by the Alight Motion App.

Why do we call it a beginner’s friendly app? Because Alight Motion offers over a hundred modifiable effects, each with its component library. With these reusable parts, users can make high-quality, complex visual effects with few clicks & taps, that take their creativity to the next level.

How To Use Alight Motion App?

Follow these simple steps to get mastery on how to use Alight Motion APK :

  1. Launching the Alight Motion App:
    To begin a new project on an Android device, launch Alight Motion after installation, wait for the initial video optimization process to finish, and then hit the button capacitor with the positive (+) lead in the screen’s bottom center. [See the Image]
  2. Setting up Project Parameters:
    Select a format that interests you from the drop-down menu, and then give your new project a name in the corresponding text area, New Project is pre-written there.
    You can choose the Screen size and orientation by selecting 16:9, 9:16, 4:5, 1:1, 4:3, or a customer size by clicking the pencil sign at the end.
    The Resolution can be selected from 1080p (FHD), 720p (HD), 540p (SD), 360p, 270p, and 180p lists.
    The Frame rate selection starts from 12fps to 60fps. You can select various frames per second or just leave it to the pre-defined value if you are not sure.
    You can select the project background color from 5 background color options (Black, White, Light Grey, Green, and Blue) and a transparent option.
    The development process will move forward when the user clicks the CREATE PROJECT button once the resolution, frame rate, and background are chosen.
How to use the Alight Motion app Step 1 
Launching the Alight Motion App
How to use the Alight Motion app Step 2 
Setting up Project Parameters
  1. Addition of Media & Shapes to the Project:
    Now the Alight Motion App editor screen is showing, which, as you can see, features a clean and straightforward user interface that’s a joy to work with.
    If you want to add shapes, media, audio, object elements, text, vector drawing, freehand drawing, or even a premade template to your project, tap the capacitor’s positive (+) lead, which is down in the right-hand corner.
How to use the Alight Motion app Step 3 Addition of Media & Shapes to the Project

  1. Items Sub Menu:
    When the top menu is clicked, the submenu displays, from where you can choose an item to add to your project.
    If you want to insert a shape, tap the shape menu, and choose and tap the shape of your choice.
    Images, Videos, Elements, Drawings, and Text can be added to the project by tapping them and choosing the right one as per your choice.
How to use the Alight Motion app Step 4 Items Sub Menu
  1. Addition of Sub Menu Items to The Project: After choosing the right tab, like “Images and Videos,” it’s easy to add things to the Alight Motion timeline by choosing them from the menu at the bottom of the screen.
    To add Images and videos, click on Media and then Allow Access (once for the first time), and upload your desired media files for editing.
    Similarly, for the audio files, click on the Audio in the menu, and then allow access and upload your favorite audio to the project dashboard.
  2. Adjustment of Clip’s Length:
    Likely, you will want to start by adding a photo or video to the app’s timeline; at this point, you may adjust the clip’s length by pressing and holding the button using the arrow keys (>>) and dragging it to the left or right. To incorporate other media into your project, restart from Step 1.
How to use the Alight Motion app Step 5 Addition of Sub Menu Items to The Project
How to use the Alight Motion app Step 6 Adjustment of Clip's Length
  1. Effects Addition to the Media:
    After adding media to your project, hit the Effects button (located at the bottom right of the opening menu).
    Tap the plus sign (+ Add Effect).
    To apply an effect, look it up in the app’s effects library and select it. 
    Click and drag the controls on the screen to change the parameters of the effect in the box provided. However, selecting the bin icon can delete it if you no longer require it.
How to use the Alight Motion app Step 7 Effects Addition to the Media
How to use the Alight Motion app Step 7 Effects Addition to the Media
  • Previewing, Saving & Export:
    Click the Play button to watch a preview of your finished video. Once you are fully satisfied with the results and have finished making edits, tap the arrow icon in the square at the top right of the screen to export & share your project.
    Choose the type of file you want to export (video, GIF, image sequence, project package, upload to cloud or current frame as PNG), and then click Export.
    You will get two options, Save & Share, if you want to save the exported file to your device gallery, then click Save, and if you want to share the media directly to your social apps Like Pinterest, Facebook, FB Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), Google Drive or any other place, which is supported by your device, then you can click on the Share button and choose the desired option.
How to use the Alight Motion app Step 8 Previewing, Saving & Export
Tutorial 1: How to Use Alight Motion App
Tutorial 2: Beginners Friendly Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Alight Motion for beginners?

Alight Motion Premium APK is super friendly to use. Beginners can benefit from our visual tutorial, to get hands-on experience on this best video editing app, and to create professional quality video clips for their social sharing.
Just Follow our step-by-step guide, and you will get amazing results without any difficulties.

How to get Alight Motion Tutorial Download?

The Alight Motion tutorial is available on our website in a blog post, and a video tutorial is also available on our YouTube Channel.

You can download the videos from our YouTube Channel, and can also share our blog post with your friends and family by clicking on the social sharing buttons at the top of this blog post.

Is the Alight Motion Tutorial PDF available?

Our support is always user-friendly, so if a user wants the Alight Motion Tutorial pdf version, then we are just an email away.
Send us your requirements, and we will create an eye-catching design, and send a user-friendly beginner PDF tutorial to you.

How to use Alight Motion on PC?

To use Alight motion on PC or Laptop, users need to first install the emulator on their Windows devices.
Once the emulator is installed, the installation and usage of the Aligt Motion App is pretty simple, just like usage on the Android Device. You can get a complete tutorial on “How to use Alight Motion on PC?” in our other blog post.

How to use Alight Motion App without a subscription?

Users can get the Alight Motion premium subscription for free, by downloading the mod app from our website.
It’s functionally tested, virus-free, the latest version is always updated and will cost you zero investment for a premium subscription.

Conclusion/ Final Verdict

In conclusion, this easy-to-understand, beginner-friendly guide on “how to use the Alight Motion App” on your Android phone to edit videos and create animations is a gift of 2024 for video editing geeks.
Install, explore, and try out the components, export in HD format, and share with your friends and family for great social interaction.
We promise that using this super user-friendly tool to edit videos will be the best thing you can do at the start of the year 2024.

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